You'll find lots of examples of my video work on the Case Studies page. There are also some writing samples and other fun awaiting you on


But in the meantime, here are a couple of examples of different types of projects I've done.  Let's call this, "the showing off page."


I teamed up with Apache Wolf Productions and created this entry for Doritos' annual Super Bowl contest.

The City of Bothell asked me to host a video encouraging their citizens to get involved in the budget process.  Potentially a dry topic, but not the way we did it.

Create Impulse


I wear many hats.  Besides being the guy with Tim Hunter

Creative Services, I'm also the Chief Creative Officer for

Create Impulse, a Bothell-based marketing & advertising company.


Basically, I work with a lot of friends who have smaller companies

and needs with THCS.  For the bigger guns, like Jack Carroll's Skagit Hyundai, we need more resources than I have at my immediate disposal, so that we can do things like this:

Sole Perfection Shoes is another Create Impulse client.  Here's a video I produced with KOMO Newsradio's Tom Hutyler.

I find that the real person experience style spot is so effective. 

Here's one I did for Car Toys that never saw the light of day, but I think it's so fun.  And, it features my son, Tyson.

This reminds of a special time at a previous company.  I was still a rookie and I found myself working in no time with Randy Johnson. I helped direct him recording radio spots and was able to provide one of the play-by-play voices for this one.

This was a very fun video project for the city of Edmonds.  Because they wanted to feature things that happened in the city all year around, we spent a year filming it before actually being able to put it together.  Rich Reynolds gets all the editing cred and it was great to work with Rick Steves.

Here's a PSA we produced for the Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington.  A phenomenal cause with a great bunch of volunteers!

OK and because you made it this far down the page, so here's your reward.  It's on the bucket list--I want to create a web series called "Dark Light Bulbs."  A just plain silly romp.  Scripts are still being worked on, but I do have the opening all ready to go!

All this to say I'd love to do something creative with you. 

Let's talk!