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You'll find lots of examples of my video work on the Case Studies page.

But in the meantime, here are a couple of examples of different types of projects I've done.  Let's call this, "the showing off page."
I teamed up with Apache Wolf Productions and created this entry for Doritos' annual Super Bowl contest.

The City of Bothell asked me to host a video encouraging their citizens to get involved in the budget process.  Potentially a dry topic, but not the way we did it.

Create Impulse


I wear many hats.  Besides being the guy with Tim Hunter

Creative Services, I'm also the Chief Creative Officer for

Create Impulse, a Bothell-based marketing & advertising company.


Basically, I work with a lot of friends who have smaller companies

and needs with THCS.  For the bigger guns, like Jack Carroll's Skagit Hyundai, we need more resources than I have at my immediate disposal, so that we can do things like this:

Sole Perfection Shoes is another Create Impulse client.  Here's a video I produced with KOMO Newsradio's Tom Hutyler.

I find that the real person experience style spot is so effective. 

Here's one I did for Car Toys that never saw the light of day, but I think it's so fun.  And, it features my son, Tyson.

This reminds of a special time at a previous company.  I was still a rookie and I found myself working in no time with Randy Johnson. I helped direct him recording radio spots and was able to provide one of the play-by-play voices for this one.

This was a very fun video project for the city of Edmonds.  Because they wanted to feature things that happened in the city all year around, we spent a year filming it before actually being able to put it together.  Rich Reynolds gets all the editing cred and it was great to work with Rick Steves.

Here's a PSA we produced for the Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington.  A phenomenal cause with a great bunch of volunteers!

OK and because you made it this far down the page, so here's your reward.  It's on the bucket list--I want to create a web series called "Dark Light Bulbs."  A just plain silly romp.  Scripts are still being worked on, but I do have the opening all ready to go!

And every year, for the fun of it, I produce a National Gullible Day broadcast that I release on April Fool's Day. You can see that collection right here.

All this to say I'd love to do something creative with you. 

Let's talk!

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