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Doing What I Love With People I Like

"If I knew then what I know now, I would feel

like I never learned anything."

                                                  Tim Hunter

If I was a sandwich (available in gluten-free if you ask), I would be a huge pile of radio and writing, with extra thick slices of radio and TV production skills and just the right amount of social media and digital know-how.  I can also brainstorm with the best (I had to drop the previous analagy, I was getting hungry), can help you think of a new way to promote and maximize your awareness with the consumer and have fun while doing it.


I've been a morning drive disc jockey, creative director and more.  I spent ten years submitting material to "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, wrote material for Bill Gates' 75th birthday party for Warren Buffett and so on.  I currently write for several performers and artists, including a ventriloquist, a comic strip and a political cartoon artist.


I can help you think of new ideas, plan the details and bow out or take it over from start to finish. 


I'll make sure you realize that there are several ways to do it right and steer you away from the many ways people do it wrong.


Let's create some marketing magic.

And if you have time, check out my morning show on KRKO, Everett's Greatest Hits by click this or ask your Smartspeaker, "Alexa, play KRKO!"



Oh, and when we talk--ask why I was covered in tartar sauce.


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